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Bio-IT World Conference features WSU School of Medicine, College of Engineering faculty

Leonard Lipovich, Ph.D.

Leonard Lipovich, Ph.D.

Xue-wen Chen, Ph.D.

Xue-wen Chen, Ph.D.

The Wayne State University School of Medicine’s Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics and the WSU College of Engineering’s Department of Computer Science are participating in parallel tracks at the Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Bio-IT World Conference and Expo 2013, going on today through Thursday at the World Trade Center in Boston.

School of Medicine Assistant Professor of Molecular Medicine and Genetics Leonard Lipovich, Ph.D., will present his lab’s work at this high-profile industry meeting, speaking as part of the conference’s Track Nine, Drug Discovery and Informatics. Xue-wen Chen, Ph.D., department chair and professor of Computer Science, will chair Track 11 of the conference, on Collaborations and Open Access Innovation, Data Sharing.

Dr. Lipovich will present “Beyond ENCODE: Placing Long Non-Coding RNA Genes into Regulatory Networks for Therapeutics” in a 25-minute invited talk Thursday.

In 2012, the ENCODE (Encyclopedia of DNA Elements) Consortium revealed an abundance of long non-coding RNA, or lncRNA, genes in the human genome. Dr. Lipovich, with members of his laboratory, analyzed the transcriptome of three human systems – two cancers (breast cancer and melanoma) and the in-vivo human epileptic brain – and validated lncRNA functions by reverse genetic tools. The results demonstrate that certain primate-specific lncRNAs, antisense to protein-coding genes, directly and specifically regulate those genes.

Dr. Lipovich will present these results and a computational model that places these non-conserved lncRNAs into therapeutically targetable disease networks.

“I am excited about this speaking engagement because Bio-IT World is a major industry forum focusing on the direct potential of bioinformatics and genomics research to impact clinical work and human health. I am delighted to introduce this audience to our computational and wet-lab studies of lncRNA in three diseases,” he said.

The industry event, in its 12th year, is a flagship annual conference organized by the Cambridge Healthtech Institute, a life science network for researchers and business experts from pharmaceutical, biotech and academic organizations.

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