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Graduate Student Research Day deemed a success with 84 students presenting

The 16th annual Graduate Student Research Day saw 84 students presenting orally or via poster format.

The Sept. 27 event was made possible by the resources and guidance of the students’ research advisors, along with the efforts of the School of Medicine Graduate Student Organizing Committee members L. Abernathy, E. Brown, D. Buac, A. Burr, J. Clarke, S. Mitchell-Ryan, S. Plecha, H. Rowe, S. Schmitt, J. Thomson, and G. Zoratt.
Graduate Student Research Day also was made possible by the financial support of Wayne State University, the Graduate School, the School of Medicine, academic departments, and a number of commercial enterprises and donors.

This year’s keynote speaker was Dr. Richard Schlegel, chair of the Department of Pathology at Georgetown University, who described successes in the development of HPV vaccine therapies, progress in new vaccine and chemical preventive agents, as well as innovative research on the long-term propagation cells that show promise for advancing  disease diagnosis and therapy.

Through the effort of more than 60 judges, financial awards were made to the following students for their research presentations on the specified topic:

Nadra Al-Husini, “A Novel Role for CF1 3’ End Processing Complex in Initiation of Transcription.”

Ambikai Gajan, “ Functional Association of the Histone Demethylase LID with the SIN3 HDAC Complex.”

Dhruman Goradia, “Striatal Shape Differences in Boys with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.”

Chandri Jain, “Regulation of HBEGF Biosynthesis by MicroRNAs in Human Trophoblast Cells.”

Padhuk, Senavirathne, “Single-Stranded DNA Scanning and Deamination by APOBEC3G with Single-Molecule Resolution.”

Ziauddin Syed, “The Impact of Arousal State, Gender, and Sleep Apnea on the Magnitude of Progressive Augmentation and Ventilatory Long-Term Facilitation in Humans.”

Jennifer Thomas, “Characterization of Shh Function during Zebrafish Retinal Regeneration.”

Helen Wu, “Assessing the Epileptic Zone in Patients with Intractable Epilepsy using Whole Brain Multi-Voxel Proton MRS.”

Gina Zoratti, “Matripase Mediated Signaling in Breast Cancer.”   
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